Het Kasteel van de Sterren artbook: The Universe in 1875

Alex Alice

Engelstalig artbook van 220 pagina's met linnen rug over Alex Alice' reeks Het Kasteel van de Sterren.

"Castle in the Stars is space conquest in the time of Jules Verne, complete with Victorian spaceships, strange creatures and alien civilizations. Napoleon III’s aetherships fight the British Empire over Venus, the Germans have colonized Mars, and the moons of Jupiter are up for grabs. Romance, adventure and danger await!

My name is Alex Alice, I’ve been a writer and illustrator of graphic novels and animation for over 20 years. Castle in the Stars was born out of my childhood dream to go to the moon with Jules Verne’s characters. Having explored this universe through graphic novel series, newspaper editions, models, major exhibitions and thousands of drawings and watercolors, it's finally time to bring it all together into one beautiful book.

The Universe in 1875 is a chance to discover a whole alternative universe through 100 sweeping watercolor illustrations, with immersive texts to bring it all to life. This stand-alone book features the best watercolors Castle in the Stars has to offer, and so an ideal introduction to the universe. And if you’re already a fan, you will still find dozens of new images crafted especially for the book, as well as a ton of easter eggs. The book is an 'in-world product', meaning it has been imagined for travelers from the Castle in the Stars universe itself: a lavishly illustrated guidebook, complete with travel tips and maps."

Het Kasteel van de Sterren
€ 55,00