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De Klaagzang van de Stierkoe

David De Thuin + Raoul Cauvin • Dupuis
48 p. (SC)
One trick pony?

We keep the beat not, but it's apparently a decade ago - with the Paparazzi's - which Raoul Cauvin again launched a new series. With It's the Lightning Cauvin venturing into a new adventure. In this new series wants a young farmer without biotechnology tools start a breeding program for cows . Before that, he first needs a dekstier. The beast that he lets split in the stomach, however, does not fertilizing koebeesten. After a lightning strike, which the animal can converse, it turns out to be a transsexual bull who would rather go as a cow through life. 

This first part contains very little action and was previously cataloged as an almost existential, psychological talks trip though the lyrics are not really long (conductor). Otherwise than for Cauvin different story - although he maintains his permanent narrative structures (he milks herself or off) - a full album length is simple, almost expressionless manner signed by David De Thuin ( The Zorilla's under the pseudonym Deth ) with the shorter work all over the pages of Spirou animates. And either keep the copywriter of Dupuis us for the steak, but the intention is to draw every album by another artist. However, the signs Thuin also present for part 2.

Initially we thought that this might be an umpteenth gag strip. The surprise offered by the continuing story, then was great and definitely bad. How Cauvin will address the second part, the remaining question is. He is hoping to continue this momentum and continue the affairs of the "stierkoe" a one trick pony ?

> DAVID STEENHUYSE — april 2009